Development of Simulation Models for DER Components & Systems

This book is a copy of my Habilitation Thesis, submitted in June 2014 and defended in January 2015 at the University POLITEHNICA of Timisoara. The first chapter gives an overview of the research roadmap of the Thesis, pointing out the objectives, the main contributions, research grants and awards. The aim of the second chapter was to develop simulation models of DER components in Power System, using two dedicated software packages MATLAB/Simulink and DIgSILENT PowerFactory. Development of simulation models included PV panels, Wind Turbine Generators, Energy Storage Systems and Demand-Side Control in Distribution Networks with focus on intelligent houses with actively controlled loads. The third chapter contains 3 main parts and is dedicated to control strategies developed for renewable energy systems in a distribution network. The Chapter four was focuses on testing of DER components with storage devices and actively controlled loads and also on EV batteries testing to study the impact of smart charging and fast charging on the power system and on the battery degradation. The purpose of the Chapter 5 has been to design a distribution network with different DER Components.
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