Development & Comparison of Blind Cloning in Digital Image Forensics

This book dealt with the state-of-the-art methodologies available in the field of digital image forensics. The prime focus of the research presented in this book is on blind cloning detection where no active watermarking scheme is involved in image. The goal of this research is to first analyze the previously developed cloning detection methods and to focus on where each methodology lacked. In this research two main branches of blind cloning detection i.e. Block based detection and Key-point based detection are thoroughly discussed.The exhaustive summary of techniques available in these two paradigms was created, to have the clear picture of this area of research. After completing the extensive analysis of previous techniques the key advantages and disadvantages of each technique is pointed out. Completing this analysis enabled to identify the sub domains which were missed by previous researchers and were causing lack of efficiency. Keeping in mind all these findings a novel and robust algorithm is developed which gives better efficiency both in terms of time complexity computational power, as well as provides much more accuracy in forgery detection.
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