Symbolic Form and the Development of Knowledge

Revision with unchanged content. The history of Western research and academic theory provides many examples of how the sensory perception of symbolic forms during focused inquiry guided scientists in their search for novel solutions. Well-known cases are the research of Copernicus, Einstein, Kekule, Kepler, and Poincare. Despite the existence of anecdotal accounts of these experiences across fields, the actual investigation of symbol formation during the creative process of rigorous inquiry has largely been neglected because traditional research approaches do not recognize the researcher as the locus of synthesis of epistemological and psychological elements. This original work presents an investigation of the phenomenon of symbol formation in the creative process of disciplined inquiry. The research framework of the study considers heuristic, semiotic, and multicultural perspectives. The study provides an in-depth look at the relationship between researcher, symbolic form, and the development of novel understanding. The book is addressed to scientists, artists, and others interested in the complex nature of the creative process.
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