Knowledge creation and sharing in an organization

The study aims at understanding knowledge creation and sharing as a contemporary phenomenon in a specific organization of the Translation and Localization industry in Finland, with a key emphasis on the New Product Development (NPD) process. It also aims at pinpointing the areas where change is needed and provides strategic solutions to support such change. The conceptual framework introduces knowledge creation and sharing in the NPD process as occurring in a shared context – Ba, via a modified SECI process which takes into account the embodied tacit knowledge and the not-yet-embodied tacit knowledge, using Knowledge Assets (KA) as buffers that reflect the organizational culture.The empirical data gathered and analyzed from the interviews, the survey and personal fieldwork observations show the need for a clearly defined knowledge creation strategy named Knowledge Translation (KT) which needs to be implemented according to a specific implementation plan. Such strategy implementation choice relies on the practical aspects of organizational management, with its constant demand for solid realtime solutions within a limited time frame needed to define resources and visualize results.
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