Survey, Molecular Phylogeny and Induced hyperglycemia in Giant Danio

Ichthyological survey was made in 40 Km radius of upstream and downstream areas of Stanley Reservoir, Tamil Nadu (Southern India).The survey revealed the presence of seventy one (71) species of fishes belonging to eight (8) orders, twenty one (21) families and forty eight (48)genera. During molecular phylogenetic analysis based on cytochrome oxidase subunit I, three major clades were obtained by Maximum Likelihood method in the selected eight species. The 1st clade consists of Devario group, the 2nd clade by Danio group and the 3rd clade consists of Rasbora, Amblypharyngodon and Barilius species. The genus, Devario has resolved as monophyletic group, basal sister Devario devario has formed the basal sister group to Devario aequipinnatus and Devario malabaricus. TThe induced hyperglycemic experiment in Giant Danio- fish showed significant reduction in thickness of Inner plexiform layer and Inner nuclear layer, and hence the fish can be tried as a new “model” for conducting biomedical experiments.
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