The Wonders of Molecular Interactions

The book develops ideas of the author's book "Discovering the Cluster World", published in 2015 by Lambert Academic Publishing. It demonstrates methods and results of molecular interactions' parameters extraction from modern electronic databases, such as the NIST Database for thermophysical properties of pure fluids. The analysis is based on a heuristic Hybrid intellect system of the researcher-computer cooperation that provides discovery of new laws of Nature basing on the hidden knowledge contained in databases. The analysis brings a lot of surprising and educational results: monomers’ repulsion mechanism opening way to computation of cluster bond parameters at high temperatures; giant bonds in clusters of several gases; the unknown before class of 1D linear chain clusters; soft structural transitions in cluster fractions and supercritical fluids. Due to detailed description of fundamental principles and wide utilization of diagrams the book may be used in education and may be useful for researchers and practitioners as the source of knowledge of unknown laws from Thermal Physics of real gases.
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