Fruit fly species infesting guava and their molecular characterization

Fruit fly is a serious pest of almost all fruit crops in the world. If uncontrolled, this pest is capable of causing substantial losses, which cannot be tolerated. They also pose a major threat to global trade, since many countries have invoked quarantine restrictions to minimize the risk of establishment of exotic species. Therefore, successful cultivation and export are highly dependent on effective pest management system. Since, species of fruit fly react differently with its environment, it is very important to know the incidence of fruit flies throughout the year and its correct identification. The export of guava and other fruits and vegetables to different countries of the world is restricted due to infestation of fruit fly. Hence, it becomes necessary to make fruits free from fruit fly. However, as a result of increased importation of fruits and vegetables in recent year, fruit flies of foreign origins have been frequently intercepted at quarantine inspection sites. Consequently, it has become increasingly important to take precautions against their invasion.
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