Assessing Photogrammetric Approach to Evaluate pavement surface health

The safety on the road depends mostly on the surface characteristics and the skid resistance of the roadway at the worst environmental conditions. Measurement of micro and macro surface texture, and identification of various pavement distress types are vital in enhancing the safety on the road and to manage for maintenance. Various traditional and advanced methods for measuring pavement surface texture exists, but the decision of implementing or rejecting a test method depends to a large extent on the budget available, time required to conduct the testing, and the availability of testing equipment's, labor, and technicians. This book present a comparative study on using the traditional visual assessment of pavement surface condition including texture and distress type with the aid of simple physical measurements and the use of the advanced technique of close range photogrammetry for such assessment. Both rigid and flexible pavement were assisted for texture and distress type using the pre mentioned methods. Test results were modeled and compared. Recommendations on the suitability and limitations of each testing technique were presented.
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