Basic Human Rights Training Manual for Health Professionals in Ghana

This manual is highly recommended to be read by doctors,tutors,hospital administrators, nurses, health workers, etc. It is designed to guide facilitators in delivering human rights course for health workers in Ghana. This manual is divided into three parts with 17 lesson outlines. Topics covered includes History of Human rights, The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice(CHRAJ), Fundamental Human Rights enshrined in 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, The Patient Charter, Abuses by Nurses, Nurses Pledge, Nursing ethics, The role of nurses in assisting victims of domestic violence;the rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS; Sexual harassment at the workplace; Children rights and responsibilities.Part Two has four model presentations which corresponds to lessons outlined in Part One.Finally, Part Three of the manual provides various reference materials that will prove useful to the facilitator during course preparation and delivery.This is a manual that all health institutions must procure in order to produce nurses and health workers of high repute and ensure that the rights and freedoms of patients'' are respected, promoted and human rights abuses reduced.
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