The Man With The Money

Blatantly handsome businessman «Darren Rudd» might have bowled over prim single foster mom Charlene Bellamy–ifshe'd let him. But all Charlene wanted was to legally adopt her five-year-old and get funding for his ragtag, underprivileged soccer team.Darren proved amazingly generous to the tots–almost as if he were made of money–but he also seemed to be launching a takeover of Charlene's love-scarred heart…D. K. Rudell–Dallas's most eligible bachelor–would settle for nothing less than winning Charlene's love. For the struggling redhead and her little boy somehow engendered dreams of daddyhood and domesticity. But could underdog-championing Charlene ever forgive him once she discovered his true identity–and his millionaire-playboy past?
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Mills & Boon Silhouette
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