A critical evaluation of academic achievements of Undergrad students

Education has been a fundamental requirement for development of human race.Though education has been made a sort of basic right, the comprehension level varies due to many factors. One such factor is self-confidence, i.e. belief in one's capabilities, and punctuality or regular attendance for classes. These assets become even more important in undergraduate professional courses. To study these two qualities, students from four professional courses, viz. B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., and B.Sc.Ag. were surveyed. "Punctuality Scale" (P-Scale) and "Agnihotri's Self Confidence Inventory" (ASCI) were administered to 670 students - 340 girls and 330 boys. Raw scores were converted to meaningful information by using the scales in the two tests. To test the association between punctuality or self confidence and academic performance, Chi-square test was carried out. It was found that both punctuality and self confidence have a positive significant effect on academic excellence. In some course specific results, the students prefer self- study or coaching classes to get help in their academics.The results of this study can be used to improve the attendance of the students and belief in their abilities.
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