Concept Map and its Effect on Students'' Attitude and Understanding

Education is meant for bringing behavioral changes in the terms of knowledge, skills and attitude. This behavioral changes development can be achieved when the citizens are educated properly and when they become all rounded in knowledge & responsible for the intended development of the country. Many students at all levels struggle to learn chemistry, but are often unsuccessful. In spite of the importance of chemistry to the improvement of life and technology, students often show negative attitude to the subject and this is associated with poor performance. Acid and base chemistry is one of the basic concepts in chemistry because most of the reactions are acid –base reactions. However, most students hold misconceptions about acids and bases. This book could result in better information about the improvement in the quality of teaching acid-base concepts, showing an alternative method of teaching the concepts of chemistry. It also provides necessary information for policy makers and stakeholders to assess the students'' misconceptions in chemical education. Furthermore, this book may serve as a base for further research in the area.
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