Some Student's Paaradox

This book is based on the Research Published in 2014 – 2015 on Uttakarsh Mathematical Group on Facebook . It covers Twenty three Research Article with Appendix A as n fold Ring which is latest and most generalized Algebraic Structure in Mathematical Domain , Appendix B as a Signal Can Move Faster Than Light which can turn you towards Philosophical and MetaPhysical World , Appendix C as Speed of light is not Constant , Appendix D as Transient Behavior of Light which challenged most existing Physics , Appendix E as Universal Peace Can Be a Goal , Appendix F(WASIHATNAMA) as a Offering in the feet of Almighty , S(N) : ( N^2+ N+41 ) become a challenge to Second Principle Of Mathematical Induction hence Proof of Sylows theorem collapsed .
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