Prototype Development for Treatment of Industrial Effluent

With the growing rate of human pollution the anthropogenic fall outs of industrial development has become more evident and has started to affect our lives. Pollution from heavy metals and dyes bleed into the environment. While ravaging the ecosystem along the way, it also finds its way into our lives and corrupts it. If the lasting damage to the environment due to their persisting nature was not concerning enough, their effects on human physiology is also alarming with effects ranging from multi-organ disorders and even carcinogenic effects. Biosorption is one of the methods that showed promising applications in the removal of these heavy metals and dyes, with the added advantage of being very cost effective and being safe to the environment. Biological material due to its virtue of having complex and intricate design takes up these heavy metals and dyes into its structure and immobilizes them. The prime objective of this work is to device a way to remove these pollutants from water in manner that is efficient, cost conservative and neutral towards the ecosystem it’s being implemented on.
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