Evaluation Of Antipyretic And Analgesic Activity Of Chloris Barbata

The leaf of Chloris barbata (SW.) belongs to the family Poaceae is used in Indian system of traditional medicine to treat anti pyretic and anal-gesic activities. The present study investigates the in vivo anti pyretic and analgesic activities of ethanolic extract ofChloris barbata (SW.) EECB leaves in normal,to reduce the temperature in rats Acute toxicity was studied in rats after the oral dose of EECB to determine the dose to assess the anti- pyretic and analgesic activities. Oral administration of EECB did not exhibit toxicity and mortality at a dose of 2000mg/kg. EECB (100 and 200 mg/kg) was administered to PCM (20 mg/kg, oral)in rats brewer’s yeast induced pyretic activity for 18 HOURS. The two doses of EECB showed a significant decrease in body temperature in treated pyretic activity, and also analgesic activity in tail immersion test and hot plat method perform on albino rats shows positive responcess. This effects of EECB (100, 200mg/kg) results was comparable to the standard drug Paracetamol. Results of this experimental study indicated that EECB possessed anti-Pyretic and analgesic activities.
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