Research Regarding the Occurrence of New Elements for Vaulting Table

More recently a total of 600 elements have been recorded in the Gymnastics Code of Points. However there are few theses on elements of gymnastics history. As such we wonder by whom, when or where these various elements are performed. The purpose of this study was to collate data elements on the Vaulting Table in women’s artistic gymnastics and to suggest new elements in the future. For example, the round off, backward handspring and salto stretch (Yurchenko) was performed by YURCHENKO.N in the 1982 Moscow Newscup. A Yurchenko stretch with a double twist was performed by AMANAR.S in the 2000 European Championships. This element is performed by many top women gymnasts. Another example, a sideward handspring with a 1/4 twist and backward tucked salto (Tsukahara) was performed by TURISCHEVA.L in the 1974 World Championships. In recent years, the round off, 1/2 twist and forward handspring and forward stretched salto with a 3/2 twist was performed by CHENG.F in the 2005 World Championship. this book was written about a history chronological table that elements on the Vaulting Table in women’s artistic gymnastics.
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