Urban Orange Smog Titivate Lative Process Modeling

From CBM-IV, 33 species, 88 Rxns, red NOx air environment incl. pollution, coal, particle which triggers cardiac arrhythmia,respiratory irritation,asthma, haze; acidic deposition, global warming and remediation, mitigating of coal's impact, pulverized coal or steam powered turbines, switch energies to terse of a country using coal, its development-environmental concerns,its rapid industrialization-pollution problems with a parenthesis are covered. Different environmental models are introduced with ozone, UV, with mechanism for fuzzy modeling at large scale with input time, location and output smog concentration. Hazards output is also considered. Summary includes small scale fuzzy modeling at electromagnetic radiation model, on aging of plastic pipe and absorbance fuzzy modeling mamdani and UV absorbance fuzzy modeling sugeno, photoelectric effect modeling, radiation penetration fuzzy modeling sugeno, and recos. includes advance modeling: photochemical etching, with laser pulse for designed polymer materials, ultra voilet UV laser ablation micromachining, laser pyrolysis gas chromatography, a list of laser equipments, LED, fatigue, water fire soil environment. Where're gog-magog?!.
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