Indigenous knowledge

This book examines the pre-colonial African indigenous knowledge and technology with reference to the Bukusu traditional industries. It focuses mainly on iron working, ceramic manufacture, basketry, leatherwork, woodwork, music instruments and related industries. The study analyzes methods and techniques of production, gender roles and acquisition of skills and specialization. It further discusses types, uses and distribution of industrial products. The book captures the impact of colonialism on the Bukusu traditional industries, and how they transformed and adjusted to adapt to the changing needs within the society. On the whole, the study has succeeded in documenting the Bukusu traditional industries; showing how the Babukusu harnessed the surrounding environment for survival. It has also contributed to knowledge about African technology, and in particular, it attempts to correct the notion which equates "the pre-colonial" with "pre-industrial." The study has in addition, attempted to restore technology to its proper and integrated place in the African economy through time. This book is recommended to scholars of cultural, social and economic History, and cultural Anthropology.
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