A Teleconferencing-enabled Network Using Session Initiation Protocol

This book is an output of a research on alternative low-cost design of a Campus Area Network (CAN) that is capable of supporting video conferencing. The major idea is to incorporate open-source protocols and teleconferencing software that will reduce cost for the owner of the network. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an alternative but open-source protocol to the H.232. Though it may not currently have the robustness of H.232 for multimedia handling, it is promising for multimedia sharing and thus video conferencing. This book, apart from exploring networking infrastructure and requisite infrastructure for videoconferencing, also discusses the implementation of a SIP-based messenger using the Unified Client Communication Application Programming Interface (UCCAPI). Detailed design examples for a typical network from a real University Campus was used for this work. All design considerations were presented and example configuration data were provided. It is hoped that this book will trigger more thoughts and research in the area of SIP and its integration with other open-source communication software for low-cost communication purposes.
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