Design and Development of Rate Control Protocol (RCP) to RCP++

This book is for readers who have knowledge of networking and wireless networking. I assume basic knowledge of NS2. The book is for moderate to advanced learner and provides the reading and learning of Rate Control Protocol(RCP) and based on it new protocol development of RCP+ and RCP++ with all steps on NS2. The Rate Control Protocol is a congestion control which provides distributed data transfer on networks. The researchers have studied experimental testing of RCP on wired network but they have not given any idea about wireless testing. So far, the entire test in my knowledge is on networks which specify the performance of Rate Control Protocol(RCP) over wireless network. The book explain TCP, RCP, problems with Existing Algorithms, Classification of Congestion Control Schemes, Various TCP and Non TCP Congestion Control Algorithms, Designing of RCP+ and RCP++ Algorithm, Implementation of New RCP+ and RCP++ Algorithm over NS2.35, Testing of algorithm on various scenarios and finally Experimental results and conclusion and future work. This book is the Outcome of UGC Major Research Project, will help Researchers & Students for development of New Protocol on NS2 Platform.
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