A novel approach to solve Nastaleeq Urdu OCR

Urdu Nastaleeq is a highly cursive, context sensitive language, written diagonally from top right to bottom left that makes it difficult to segment the partial word or a complete word into characters. Further due to stacking of characters, the segmentation at the character level is hard to perform. Some researchers have performed the ligature level segmentation and have succeeded to a great extent, but their approaches are much expensive. Moreover accuracy of segmentation is still very less and has to be improved to develop Optical Character Recognition for Urdu language. Some researchers have performed segmentation at character level and succeeded to a good extent, but still some classes of Urdu characters have not yet been recognized. In this book Projection Profile methodology for segmentation of Urdu Nastaleeq Ligature is presented, also various challenges encountered during segmentation have been discussed in detail.
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