Study of light heavy flavour Hadrons

We regard six quarks and six leptons as the fundamental building blocks of matter. In the quark model, all the hadrons are composites of quarks and quark antiquark. In this scheme, the baryons are comprised of three quarks and the mesons comprised of quark-antiquark combinations. They possess a new degree of freedom called ’colour’ which permits three identical quarks to be in the same space-spin-isospin state in accordance with Pauli’s exclusion principle. This colour provides a mechanism of binding quarks inside hadrons. The dynamics of colour interaction is described by Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). It is a nonlinear theory and it shows nonperturbative character at the hadronic domain i.e. in the low energy regime. So, it is very important and challenging to study hadron physics in terms of its quark degree of freedom, which is governed by the QCD dynamics. The properties of mesons, baryons and exotic states are discussed in the present work is very useful for the research scholars in the field of Particle Physics.
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