Behavior of UV-green Emissions and Bandgap Modification in ZnO

This research is based on experimental data describes semiconductor materials with focused on ZnO composite material. Related structural and optical properties in the composites are investigated in direction of research purpose. Behavior of the observed emissions (UV, green and orange emissions) and bandgap modification is realized and presented. Our efforts have been focused on to elucidate and investigate more explicitly, fine tunability of the energy bandgap, average crystallite size, dislocation density and favorable luminescence mechanisms in ZnO composites. Moreover influence of the dislocation density on the related luminescence has been elaborated. This study perhaps would helpful to researchers/students in their research and academic to get an insight of modification and manipulation of structural and optical properties including bandgap engineering and and luminescence in ZnO by incorporating dopants for more practical and industrial applications in cosmetics, biomedical and optoelectronics.
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