• Больше не промахнусь

    Любовный роман, Зарубежная литература
    Мари думала, что нашла любовь своей жизни, но с ней цинично порвали и выставили на улицу. Отряхнув осколки розовых очков, Мари решает, что с нее хватит. Она будет счастливой во что бы то ни стало и больше никому не позволит себя обидеть. Но у жизни, как водится, свои планы. Противный босс явно замыслил недоброе. Вывозя вещи из квартиры бывшего парня, Мари неожиданно для себя крадет у него кота. И будто этого мало, она начинает получать письма от тайного воздыхателя. Вычислить его никак не удается, и Мари на всякий случай проверяет всех потенциальных кандидатов из своего окружения. С неуклюжим изяществом истинно французской Бриджит Джонс она выходит из самых нелепых ситуаций и, как кошка, всегда приземляется на четыре лапы, чтобы с упорством, достойным лучшего применения, идти навстречу своему счастью.Об авторе:Автор нескольких захватывающих триллеров, Жиль Легардинье в один прекрасный день решил сменить амплуа - и не ошибся! Роман "Не доверяйте кошкам!", переведенный на семнадцать языков и изданный огромными тиражами, принес ему мировую известность. На родине его творчество неоднократно отмечено литературными премиями. Жиль Легардинье входит в тройку самых читаемых французских авторов. В новой книге он не изменяет себе и своему неподражаемому чувству юмора. И разумеется, не забывает о своем "секретном оружии" - на страницах этого романа вы снова встретите кота.

  • Mercy Burns

    Фэнтези, Зарубежная литература
    For readers of Keri Arthur's bestselling Riley Jenson Guardian series comes a new sexy and exciting paranormal romance - the second novel in her acclaimed Myth and Magic series. Mercy Reynolds is a reporter in the San Francisco Bay area, but she's also more - and less - than human. Half woman, half air dragon, she's a "draman" - unable to shift shape but still able to unleash fiery energy. Now something will put her powers to the test. Mercy's friend Rainey has enlisted her help to solve her sister's murder. Then a horrible accident claims Rainey's life, leaving Mercy only five days to find the killer: If Mercy fails, according to dragon law, Rainey's soul will be doomed to roam the earth for eternity. But how can Mercy help when she herself is a target? With nowhere else to turn, she must join forces with a sexy stranger - the mysterious man they call "Muerte", or death itself, who's as irresistible as he is treacherous. But can even Death keep Mercy alive for long enough to find her answers?

  • Anarchy

    Фэнтези, Зарубежная литература
    I am everything nо longer forgotten. My seed has grown and become prophecy. Truth walks the world above. Magic is risen to the world once more. In Cornwall, they have seen it rise: in an angel of death and endless, unseasonal snow. Across the ocean, on a remote Canadian island, the blood and offerings and smoke of England seem nothing more than distant rumours of hysteria. Until the girl disappears. And the whale comes. And the Plague spreads. And nothing is as it was before

  • The Legend of Drizzt (комплект из 3 книг)

    Фэнтези, Зарубежная литература
    Give the gift of the Legend of Drizzt! Drizzt Do'Urden made his first mistake the moment he was born: he was a boy. In the rigid matriarchy of the dark elf city of Menzoberranzan, that makes his life forfeit. But when his own mother tries but fails to kill him, Drizzt's path is set. He must find a way to escape the treacherous Underdark, even if that means setting out alone into the no less dangerous World Above.

  • Quantum Break: Zero State

    Фантастика, Зарубежная литература
    Jack Joyce spent six years trying to escape - escape his life, escape time, escape the madness of his brother, Will. But when he finally returns home, it turns out his brother isn't quite so mad. Will has created a time machine, one with the potential to save humanity. War? Preventable. Natural disasters? Stoppable.Except for one tiny problem...his machine will also cause the end of time as we know it. Now Jack has just one chance to turn back time, to fix what was broken, to save the world.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight: The Riddler's Gambit

    Фантастика, Зарубежная литература
    Batman sets out to stop the madman. Then a new figure intervenes - a man whose appearance is uncannily like that of the caped crusader. He is the Arkham Knight, and he seems to know everything there is to know about Batman and his allies. The official prequel novel based on the hit video came Batman: Arkham Knight.

  • Batman Arkham Knight: The Official Novelization

    Фантастика, Зарубежная литература
    Gotham City is in chads as the criminal organizations seek to fill the void left by the death of the Joker. When Scarecrow threatens to unleash a toxin that will kill thousands, the result is uncontrollable panic. Batman sets out to stop the madman. Then a new figure intervenes - the Arkham Knight, and he seems to know everything there is to know about Batman and his allies.

  • Assassin's Creed: Unity Book 7

    Фэнтези, Зарубежная литература
    Assassin's Creed: Unity is the seventh title in Oliver Bowden's phenomenally successful Assassin's Creed videogame tie-in series. 1789: The magnificent city of Paris sees the dawn of the French Revolution. The cobblestone streets run red with blood as the people rise against the oppressive aristocracy. But revolutionary justice comes at a high price... At a time when the divide between the rich and poor is at its most extreme, and a nation is tearing itself apart, a young man and woman fight to avenge all they have lost. Soon Arno and Elise are drawn into the centuries-old battle between the Assassins and the Templars - a world with dangers more deadly than they could ever have imagined. The immersive story of the Assassins is continued in Oliver Bowden's gripping seventh Assassin's Creed novel, following Renaissance, Brotherhood, The Secret Crusade, Revelations, Forsaken and Black Flag. Oliver Bowden is the pen-name of an acclaimed novelist.12.8 x 2.9 x 19.7 cm

  • The Gospel of Loki

    Фэнтези, Зарубежная литература
    With his notorious reputation for trickery and deception, and an ability to cause as many problems as he solves, Loki is a Norse god like no other. Demon-born, he is viewed with deepest suspicion by his fellow gods who will never accept him as one of their own and for this he vows to take his revenge. But while Loki is planning the downfall of Asgard and the humiliation of his tormentors, greater powers are conspiring against the gods and a battle is brewing that will change the fate of the Worlds. From his recruitment by Odin from the realm of Chaos, through his years as the go-to man of Asgard, to his fall from grace in the build-up to Ragnarok, this is the unofficial history of the world's ultimate trickster.

  • Warheart: Sword of truth: The Conclusion

    Фэнтези, Зарубежная литература
    All is lost. Evil will soon consume the D'Haran Empire. Richard Rahl lies on his funeral bier. It is the end of everything.Except what isn't lost is Kahlan Amnell. Following an inner prompting beyond all reason, the last Confessor will wager everything on a final desperate gambit, and in so doing, she will change the world forever.

  • Creative couplings

    Фантастика, Зарубежная литература
    These are the voyages of the U.S.S. da Vinci. Their mission: to solve the problems of the galaxy, one disaster at a time. Starfleet veteran Captain David Gold, along with his crack Starfleet Corps of Engineers team led by former Starship Enterprise engineer Commander Sonya Gomez, travel throughout the Federation and beyond to fix the unfixable, repair the irreparable, and solve the unsolvable. The S.C.E.'s missions don't always go as planned - repairing the weather grid on the resort planet Risa turns into a deadly first contact, constructing an industrial complex on a nonaligned world leads to some startling revelations about the financier behind it, diverting a runaway ship could spell death for the crew the da Vinci didn't even know was there, and a planet in a box proves a more valuable prize than anyone could have imagined - but their greatest challenge comes much closer to home... Captain Gold's granddaughter Esther is marrying Khor, son of Lantar, a Klingon politician. Now Gold faces what may be the greatest challenge of his career: officiating the first-ever Klingon-Jewish wedding!