• Being a Bee

    Для детей, Познавательная и справочная литература
    Buzzing from flower to flower, and making delicious honey to eat, bees have endless child appeal. But there's even more to bees than meets the eye... Buzz into Being a Bee to discover more about this incredible insect.Children will love learning about life in the hive, bee families, and how older bees work together to look after and raise baby bees. They can find out about beekeeping, how and why bees make honey, and how they dance to communicate with other bees.The book also gently introduces children to the idea of conservation - explaining why bees are in danger, the need to protect them, and all the ways we can help, from planting wild flowers to buying local honey.

  • A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic

    Для детей, Фэнтези
    Lisa Papademetriou’s magical, page-turning tale for readers of all ages is now in paperback! This heartfelt, vividly told multicultural story about fate shows readers the power of destiny, and the invisible threads that link us all, ultimately, to one another. Kai and Leila are both finally having an adventure. For Leila, that means a globe-crossing journey to visit family for the summer in Pakistan; for Kai, it means being stuck with her crazy great-aunt in Texas while her mom looks for a job. In each of their bedrooms, they discover a copy of a blank, old book called The Exquisite Corpse. Kai writes three words on the first page—and suddenly, they magically appear in Leila’s copy on the other side of the planet. Kai’s words are soon followed by line after line of the long-ago, romantic tale of Ralph T. Flabbergast and his forever-love, Edwina Pickle. As the two take turns writing, the tale unfolds, connecting both girls to each other, and to the past, in a way they never could have imagined.

  • Ferals #3: The White Widow's Revenge

    Для детей, Фэнтези
    The thrilling conclusion to Ferals, a fantasy trilogy that’s part Batman, part The Graveyard Book, and all high-stakes adventure. Caw has defeated the dreaded Spinning Man and vanquished the Mother of Flies. But a new feral has appeared—one who intends to uphold the Spinning Man’s dark legacy. Known as the White Widow, this spider feral is determined to destroy Caw and bring Blackstone back into an era of crime and fear. Now everyone Caw holds dear is in danger. And this time Caw may not be able to protect them.

  • Beware the Clopper!

    Для детей, Фэнтези
    Benevento, a real town in southern Italy, is famous for its witches, who are not broomstick-riding hags but a variety of supernatural beings. Among them are the Janara, who fly about on stormy nights performing mischief; the Clopper, an old witch who chases children through the streets of town; and the Manalonga, who hide in wells and under bridges and try to drag children down. Benevento is an ancient town; a Roman theater is at the center, a castle fortress overlooks the town and the river, and farmland surrounds it. The stories in the Witches of Benevento series take place in the 1820s and feature five children, two of whom are twins. In each of the four books in the series, a different child will be the main character. The books will be illustrated throughout by Sophie Blackall, who collaborated with John Marciano on The Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield and is also well known for her illustrations in the Ivy and Bean books. Each book will begin with the same setting of the scene: a map of the town, with the main landmarks and the various spots where the witches can be found, as well as portraits of the five children and other pertinent characters in the stories, after which each individual story will begin.Book #3In the third book of the Witches of Benevento, shy tagalong Maria Beppina takes center stage and proves her mettle when she confronts the fearsome Clopper.

  • Switch

    Для детей, Фэнтези
    In Gypsy's family, turning thirteen means getting your savvy, your special magical talent. Gypsy's always been a free spirit, so she hopes to get a savvy that will let her fly or dance up to the stars. But what she gets instead are just flashes of the past and future--plus the news that un-magical and mean Grandma Pat is coming to live with them. But during the trip to bring Grandma Pat home, Gypsy's savvy inexplicably changes, and suddenly it's magical mayhem. Filled with Ingrid Law's trademark heart and humor, this third installment in the Savvy saga is sure to please readers.

  • Respect Your Ghosts

    Для детей, Фэнтези
    Benevento, a real town in southern Italy, is famous for its witches, who are not broomstick-riding hags but a variety of supernatural beings. Among them are the Janara, who fly about on stormy nights performing mischief; the Clopper, an old witch who chases children through the streets of town; and the Manalonga, who hide in wells and under bridges and try to drag children down. Benevento is an ancient town; a Roman theater is at the center, a castle fortress overlooks the town and the river, and farmland surrounds it. The stories in the Witches of Benevento series take place in the 1820s and feature five children, two of whom are twins. In each of the four books in the series, a different child will be the main character. Each book begins with the same setting of the scene: a map of the town, with the main landmarks and the various spots where the witches can be found, as well as portraits of the five children.Created by John Bemelmans Marciano and Caldecott winner Sophie Blackall, this delightful and original chapter book series was called "fresh and pleasing" by Kirkus ReviewsBook #4Respect Your GhostsA Sergio StoryPoor Sergio never has a moment to himself. His ancestor ghost, Bis Bis, is so demanding, asking for special meals and gifts, while his mother insists she needs his constant help with the housework. He even has to wash the dirty diapers of his three nasty baby brothers! The last straw comes when Sergio is sent to live upstairs with Bis Bis. He won't be able to come back home until he finds way to end the vendetta between Bis Bis and the ancestor ghost of a cousin's family, a feud that has kept his mother and her favorite cousin apart.

  • Monsters Unleashed

    Для детей, Фантастика
    Freddie Liddle has a big problem: Monsters. Giant, fire-breathing, electric-shocking, bone-crunching monsters are attacking his town. Even worse, it’s Freddie’s fault. After drawing monsters based on the meanest bullies in his class, Freddie used his school’s 3D printer to make models of them. But the last thing he expected was that the monsters would come to life and keep growing, and GROWING, and GROWING. There’s just one way to stop these oversize beasts: recruit the bullies, since only they know how the monsters think. But teaming up with his worst enemies is Freddie’s worst nightmare. Can Freddie make friends with his bullies and save his town, or will the monsters have the final ROAR?

  • Case File 13 #4: Curse of the Mummy's Uncle

    Художественная литература, Для детей
    With thrills, chills, and laughs on every page, this fourth book in the tween series “sure to please young readers looking for a thrill” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) follows three monster-obsessed best friends on a trip to a haunted Mexican pyramid. The Three Monsterteers—Nick, Carter, and Angelo—have defeated the Zombie King, taken down a mad scientist, and even squared off with their own evil twins. But all that pales in comparison to the trio’s latest monster mystery, which begins with a family trip to Mexico to explore some forgotten Mayan pyramids alongside a group of archaeologists. When the boys arrive at the archaeological site, they learn of a previous expedition that vanished into these very pyramids fifty years ago. Angelo is convinced that aliens must have been involved, but Nick starts to suspect that the disappearance had more to do with an ancient Mayan curse—one that may still hang over the ruins today. Using their knowledge of real Mayan mythology, the three friends must unravel the secret history of the curse—before someone very close to Nick ends up trapped in the underworld forever. With the same “mix of creepy chills and laugh-out-loud humor” that made bestselling author James Dashner call Zombie Kid “the perfect book,” this fourth book in the Case File 13 series will leave you rolling in your tomb.

  • Nightmares! The Lost Lullaby

    Художественная литература, Для детей
    Charlie Laird has a very bad feeling.1. There's a new girl at school, and Charlie has definitely seen her before. 2. He's been hearing strange noises after dark, which is never a good sign.3. The nightmares are back, and they're weirder than ever.Not since he faced his fears has Charlie had so many bad dreams. Whenever he falls asleep, he finds himself in a Netherworld field, surrounded by a flock of creepy black sheep. Even eerier, though, is that it's not Charlie's nightmare. Somehow he's trapped in someone else's bad dream. And he's pretty sure the twins ICK and INK are responsible.Charlie and his friends thought they'd put the twins out of business, but it seems they didn't quite finish the job. Now the wooly nightmares are closing in, INK has shown up at Cypress Creek Elementary! Charlie's convinced that INK is up to no good. It could be a very long time before anyone's dreams are sweet again.

  • The Zombie Chasers #7: World Zombination

    Художественная литература, Для детей
    In the final book in the beloved Zombie Chasers series, Zack Clarke and his zombie-fighting team travel across the world in search of an antidote that will stop the brain-gobbling outbreak once and for all. With all the middle school shenanigans, fast-paced adventure, and hilarious black-and-white drawings that have made this series a favorite of reluctant readers everywhere, The Zombie Chasers #7: World Zombination is an uproarious, gore-streaked finale that readers will love! From taming zombie jungle animals in Madagascar to unearthing zombie mummies—zummies—in Egypt to battling black-belt super zombies in China, it's the zombie chasers' slimiest adventure yet. Will the kids be able to get the antidote and unzombify the undead masses once and for all? Or will the putrid planet fall to the zombie scourge?

  • Колетта, или Кот в маске

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература
    Говорят, по дворцу дожей разгуливает живой кот, созданный из шоколада. Он носит золотой ошейник и, как шепчутся люди, пересказывает своей хозяйке все, что видят кошки в городе. Этого кота создала догаресса Оливия, правительница Венеции. Колетта не такая сильная волшебница, она только учится владеть магией, но у нее тоже есть говорящий кот. Он не то, чтобы ее – он живет сам по себе, но почему-то всегда оказывается рядом, когда с Колеттой что-то случается. Вот и сейчас, когда отца Колетты поработила созданная им волшебная вещица, пестрый кот с пятном в виде черной маски на мордочке тут как тут. Но хватит ли ему одному сил или на помощь нужно позвать всех котов Венеции?

  • Hotel Wunderbar

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература
    Weihnachten im „Hotel Wunderbar“: Mika hat keine Lust zu feiern. Der Weihnachtsbaum ist mal wieder nur aus Plastik. Und sein Vater, der Hotelbesitzer, hat an Heiligabend keine Zeit fur ihn. Er verkriecht sich nur noch in seinem Zimmer. Warum also nicht einfach Freunde einladen, wie seine Mutter es immer tat? Damals war das Hotel noch voller Gaste, Stimmengewirr und freundlicher Menschen. Als Mika den Obdachlosen Teddy und seinen kleinen Hund Silvester kennenlernt, zogert er nicht lange. Es ist doch viel zu kalt, draussen zu ubernachten! Also ladt er seine zwei neuen Freunde ein, die Nacht heimlich im Hotel zu verbringen. Am nachsten Abend steht Teddy wieder vor der Tur. Aber diesmal hat er einen Freund dabei, der auch gerne im Hotel schlafen wurde. Und am nachsten Abend steht noch ein Freund vor der Tur! Als Mika immer mehr Obdachlose im Hotel schlafen lasst, droht die ganze Sache aufzufliegen. Denn lange kann er die neuen Gaste vor seinem Vater und dem Personal nicht verheimlichen. Es kommt zum ungewohnlichsten Weihnachtsfest, das Mika je erlebt hat. Inspiriert von einer wahren Begebenheit, hat Jutta Nymphius ein modernes Alltagsmarchen mit leise-poetischen Zwischentonen geschrieben. Das perfekte Buch zur aktuellen Willkommenskultur-Debatte!

  • Miles & Niles - Hirnzellen im Hinterhalt

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература
    Wenn es etwas gibt, das Miles Murphy perfekt beherrscht, dann ist es Streiche spielen. Unfug treiben. Leute austricksen. Keine Frage: Er ist der beste Trickser, den seine alte Schule je gesehen hat. Als Miles gezwungen wird, in das langweilige Kuh-Kaff Yawnee Valley zu ziehen, geht er deshalb davon aus, dass er auch an seiner neuen Schule der beste Trickser sein wird. Es gibt nur ein Problem: Die Schule hat schon einen Trickser. Und der ist gut – unglaublich gut!Miles ist entsetzt zu sehen, dass sein Konkurrent einem Phantom gleicht: Niemand kennt ihn, nie fliegen seine Streiche auf! Als Miles entdeckt, dass ausgerechnet Lehrerliebling Niles hinter den Geniestreichen steckt, entspinnt sich der grosste Trickser-Wettstreit, den Yawnee Valley je gesehen hat.

  • All We Know

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература
    New York Times bestselling artist Jane Dyer and acclaimed author Linda Ashman collaborate on this tender story of a mother’s unconditional love for her child. A seed knows how to sprout. A lamb knows how to bleat. A bee knows where the nectar is to make the honey sweet. Stars shine, seasons change, and waves rise and fall. Invoking the majestic beauty of the natural world, a mother affectionately explains that some things just come naturally—like a parent’s love.   With poignant illustrations and a timeless theme, All We Know celebrates discovery, new life, and above all, the love between parent and child.

  • Miles & Niles - Schlimmer geht immer

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература
    Der zweite Streich!!!Im Streichespielen sind Miles & Niles die Grossten. Schon jeder fur sich war ein Meister seines Fachs – aber jetzt, wo sie sich zusammengeschlossen haben, sind sie ein unschlagbares Trickser-Duo!Oder zumindest dachten sie das ... Bis ihr Lieblingsopfer, Schulleiter Barry Barkin, aufgrund ihres Geniestreichs seines Amtes enthoben und durch seinen furchteinflossenden Vater Bertrand Barkin ersetzt wird. Bertrand, der gestrenge Huter der Prinzipien der Schulleiter-Macht, ist nun leider eine ganz harte Nuss. Er scherzt nicht. Er lacht nicht. Und er duldet keine Streiche. Bald schon wunschen sich Miles & Niles, was sie nie fur moglich gehalten hatten: Sie wunschen sich Barry Barkin zuruck!

  • Fred Forgets

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература
    Fred is very forgetful. It’s a good thing his friend Monkey is around to help him remember what he was about to do. But wait—Fred wasn’t going to ride a unicycle upside down, and he definitely wasn’t going to wrestle a rhino. . . . Will Fred remember what he was doing before he peels one million bananas for Monkey? From the creator of Lazy Dave comes a humorous story about a forgetful elephant who may not be as forgetful as he seems!

  • Libby and Pearl

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература, Альбомы по искусству. Фотоальбомы
    Fans of photographic picture books like William Wegman’s and Naptime with Theo and Beau will love this adorable look into the friendship of a little girl and her pet piglet! Follow the charming real-life adventures of two unlikely pals in Lindsey Bonnice’s Libby and Pearl: The Best of Friends. Lindsey, an adoption advocate, created an Instagram feed of her adopted daughter, Libby, and their family pig, Pearl—and the photos immediately went viral. They were covered on the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and HelloGiggles. Now Libby and Pearl are here with their own book! The perfect gift for a friend or child, these irresistible, never-before-seen photos celebrate love, friendship, and the people—and animals—we hold close.

  • Apartment 1986

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература
    Bestselling middle grade author Lisa Papademetriou is back with a playful, poignant story that will resonate with anyone who’s ever had to learn that love means accepting people—even yourself—for who they really are. Callie never meant to let it go this far. Sure, she may have accidentally-on-purpose skipped a day at her fancy New York City prep school, but she never thought she’d skip the day after that! And the one after that . . . and . . . uh . . . the one after that. But when everything in your real life is going wrong (fighting parents! bullied little brother! girls at school who just. don’t. get. it!) skipping school starts to look like a valid mental-health strategy. And when Callie runs into Cassius, a mysterious and prickly “unschooled” kid doing research at museums all across the city, it seems only natural for her to join him. Because museums are educational, which means they’re as good as going to class. Right? Besides, school can wait. What can’t wait is the mystery of why her grandmother seems to wish she could travel back in time to 1986, or what she wants so much to relive there. As Cassius helps Callie see the world in a whole new light, she realizes that the people she loves are far from perfect—and that some family secrets shouldn’t be secret at all.

  • One Hundred Spaghetti Strings

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература
    Since Steffy was little, she and her older sister, Nina, have lived with beloved Auntie Gina. But when Steffy and Nina’s dad comes home to live with them, everything changes. So Steffy does what she does best: She cooks her way through the hardest year of her life. But sometimes her life feels like a kitchen-sink meal—too many ingredients that don't quite work. All Steffy wants is for her family to be whole again. Can her recipes help bring them back together?

  • The Summer of Bad Ideas

    Художественная литература, Для детей, Зарубежная литература
    Twelve-year-old Edie and her impossibly cool cousin, Rae, set out to complete a mysterious list of “Good Ideas for Summertime” that their eccentric late grandmother wrote back when she was their age. But good ideas? Most of them seem like bad ideas. Reckless. Foolish. Ridiculous. Still, by accomplishing everything on the list, rule-abiding Edie feels certain that she can become the effortlessly brave adventurer she dreams of being, just like her daring cousin and bold grandmother. For this one summer at least, bad ideas are the best shot she has at becoming who she wants to be. Bad Idea Number One: It’s time for a new set of rules.