Cake Characters

Here is another great title in the successful "Cozy"...series. It features 30 easy-to-make, fun and fabulous cake-decoration characters, ideal for that special celebration. Whatever the occasion, the personal touch will mean so much and the guest of honour will be delighted by these charming centrepieces. No prior knowledge is needed - Ann has simplified the process in an ingenious way, so even beginners will be amazed by the fantastic results they can achieve following her copiously illustrated step-by-step instructions. Just as a cartoon artist can get a character across to a viewer in a few strokes of a pen, the cake-character modeller can raise an eyebrow or paint in a jolly laughing mouth and capture just the right mood for the occasion. These basics are carried through the 30 projects - from a menagerie of animals to a clown and snowman - and the reader can adapt them to suit the recipient.
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