Sustainable Sediment Management

Sedimentation is a significant natural phenomenon affecting hydro power reservoirs. Apart from major watershed problems such as loss of soil fertility and productivity caused by soil erosion, increased sediment load associated with erosion processes reduces the storage capacity and shortens the useful life of reservoirs. In view of this, an investigation of the hydrological processes and sediment transport mechanism at the upstream catchments of hydro power reservoirs is critical to the sustainable operations of hydro power dams. This book therefore provides a detailed sediment management modelling procedure using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) interfaced with Mapwindow-GIS to simulate the hydrology, predict the sediment yield and identify erosion prone areas of a watershed upstream of Jebba Reservoir in Nigeria. Four sediment management scenarios were considered while cost implications of different management scenarios were also examined. This book can be useful to professionals in Water Resources Engineering, Lecturers,graduate and postgraduate students and other individuals interested in the area of sustainable management of water and sediments in a watershed
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