Sciatica management using Ayurveda Principles by Enema Therapy (Basti)

Sciatica is a disease characterized by pain which begins in the lumbo-sacral region, radiating to the lower limb through buttock, thigh, calf up to the foot caused by compression, irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve.The prevalence of sciatic symptoms reported in the literature varies considerably ranging from 1.6% in the general population to 43% in a selected working population. Sciatica has an annual incidence of 5% in the world. Symptoms of sciatica are mostly observed in people between the ages of 30 to 50. Low back pain is the most common cause of disability in patients under 45 years of age. The symptom of sciatica can be distinguished from low back pain and referred low back pain by the radiation of pain into the buttock and leg and by clinical findings. An estimated 5-10% of patients with low back pain have sciatica. It is a disease with radiating pain and disability dominance and affects the walking and routine work. Low back pain is the second only to headache as a frequent source of pain in the body and most common disease affecting 60-75% of the working population. The increasing incidence of this disease alerts for the need for safe and effective treatment.
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